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We all know the fundamental behind having a strong virtual presence of an organization on World Wide Web. We are familiar with many day-to-day internet-related terminologies, technology-driven apps, and marketing-gripped social media forums. We have heard some interesting stories of companies that flourished also because they didn't ignored the power of electronic business! Yet, when it comes to the establishment of an own undertaking, a new venture of any kind, we first keep its online profiling as a last resort! Isn't it surprising?

CityWeb and its sister entity ZeeSeo gives your business a perfect web solution to raise your online presence. From the past 6 years, along with a team of merely 22 but extremely innovative people, CityWeb has been successful in transforming the obsolete attitudes of many enterprises, working in different fields, toward adopting the current web trends. In the city of Nagpur itself, you will notice many large foundations that have thrived by implementing brand new web technologies mastered by our subsidiaries, CityWeb and Zee SEO.

Along with the paramount command of ASP.NET, Ext JS, SQL Server, MySQL, CakePHP, SEO/SEM, and Web-Designing on our side, we are growing stronger each day, which ultimately helps us to bring about this phenomenal change ever more convincingly. From our head office cum atelier in the highly developed IT Park in Gayatri Nagar, Nagpur, we are a 24X7 functional body active towards building a number of hard-hitting, AI-oriented web architectures as well as interfaces for our clients. After intensive brainstorming upon the methodological difficulties creating serious hardware/software work interruptions, we provide customized solutions only. We integrate results, if necessary, so as to decipher the root cause of entrepreneurial failure. Our conceptual but concrete work is the reason why we are in the lead.


Either to achieve amplification or out of pure passion, various corporations are branching out every day. This means more and more involvement with the people affected by the project comes into the picture, whether direct or indirect, whether it is ground zero or up to the global stage, whether offline or online. A transparency without disparity or disruption is principally a must. We all know what can happen if a world stock exchange system crashes or halts even for a minute, or when certain internet banking hangs or is out-of-service due to system maintenance on an active day, or what befalls a university website during admissions or result announcements season. In all these scenarios, and many others we can think of, one thing becomes particularly translucent, and that is, the online or the working system - the hardware and the software – of an organization must offer up-to-the-minute performance at all costs.
City Web together with Zee SEO, scrupulously work every day to craft and device productive solutions to such biggest creative problems facing industries today. Along with the very basics like Logo/Graphic/Banner Designing, Interactive Brochures, Flash Animation Designing, Content Management, Newsletter Management, Web Applications, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eMail Marketing, SMS Marketing & Campaigning, Pay Per Click (PPC), Link Building Exchange, Bookmarking, etc., we draft and execute much more complex programs like the Payment or Credit Card/Debit Card Gateway Solutions (the likes of PayPal, USA ePay, Authorize.Net, CCAvenue, PayU, Gharpay, Sage Pay, Go Cardless, Google Checkout, PayEx, ICICI's PaySeal, Phoenix Payments or Teledraft, etc.) Real Estate Portal, Mortgage Portal, eLearning, Video Conferencing, Shopping Cart, Payroll, Hotel Management, Accounting Software, Inventory Management, ERP Solutions, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Data Crawler, Data Mining, etc.