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Help Desk Incident Management System

A well-implemented ticket system streamlines communication. It accomplishes this by eliminating the bottlenecks that develop when nobody has a clear understanding of the issue, its priority, and the person who reported it.

But without the right people and processes, even the best software is worthless.

Our Service Desk will transform the way your help desk & incident management system works to enhance your ticketing experience.

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A customer support team will utilise a ticketing system to produce, manage, and maintain a list (or lists) of customer issues.

Many ticketing systems also provide services, including such but not limited to:

  • Omnichannel support
  • Tracking and measurement
  • Ticket routing, categorization, and tagging
  • Integrations
  • Knowledge base management
  • Automation
  • Live chat

Most organizations require a help desk ticketing system

Helpdesk ticketing is necessary for your company to prioritise, group, and organise support requests. Using ticketing systems, businesses may swiftly assign queries to the most qualified agent, contextualise client interactions, and keep track of consumer inquiries. Additionally, the system offers a shared inbox that aids in the coordination of the work of the support staff.

Incident Management

Problem Management

Change Management

Asset Management


IT Project Management

A cloud-based CRM called Cityweb offers ticketing solutions for a wide range of businesses of all sizes and sectors. Customers of Cityweb come from a wide range of businesses, from small startups to established multinational corporations. Their ticketing software offers a variety of user-friendly, effective features.

Where it shines in features, it falls short in terms of cost and integrations. HappyFox doesn't have as many system and tool integrations as competing solutions like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Telerain, and Zoho Desk.

How can we choose the best ticketing software for our business?

It's time for a change if your IT staff spends all of their time looking through emails or determining who answered which help desk support system. Your help desk ticket system will be one of your customer service team's most frequently used pieces of software. So, there are a lot of options available, and choosing one is risky.

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